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It’s like you’ve forgotten who I am. Who I was when we first met. You take my words and carve them into spikes to pierce your fragile emotions, penetrating with steel venom, cold ice, draining the warmth from every sweetheart comment and reversing their intention.

You’ve forgotten me.

The cocky soldier boy with the nerdy swag and a passion for movement; and thus, in turn, have helped me to forget myself.

My pride.

My individuality.

My freedom.

All that once was upon the union of us is shot, melted, and discarded and in its place is the hollow of an eggshell that whimpers and hides in a corner desiring only your approval to journey on an adventure or to simply be and become.

I was a sand castle.

You were the sea.

When life threw its high tide in our direction you washed it away. Lapping against the walls of the fortress built through eons of experience and trial and error, and eradicated it. Claiming that now you wish the castle still stood, and still fought against the ocean; yet how can it be rebuilt or redesigned when every grain of sand speaks new meanings. Every fragment fears the wrath the tide wrought. We were mere days away from placing the flag on top and we wrecked it all.

The unstoppable force vs the movable object.

Where do we go from here?


About danielwillcocks (14 Articles)
23 year old copy-editor based in Lincoln, UK. Dan is a blogger, father, writer and hedonist with a passion for the existential.

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