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Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler

#2015Reading Challenge – A banned book


Mein Kampf – originally banned in numerous countries across Europe for reasons that should be self-explanatory – is an incredibly tough, yet highly informative insight into one of the greatest, and most evil minds of the 20th Century.

Written by the Führer himself in 1925 (Vol I) and 1926 (Vol II), Mein Kampf provides an in-depth insight into Adolf Hitler’s thought processes and emotions during the earlier days of the formation of his political party, the National Socialist Party. It describes his the journey of his ethos from growing up in German-Austria during his childhood years, to taking Munich by storm with his political endeavours.

Personal View

Having had this book on my ‘to read’ list for a while now I found it an incredibly interesting read. Although, at times, Hitler’s writing style can be laborious to digest, the subject matter is extremely compelling. Not only does he explain, in detail, every thought process and link into his every ideal, but he narrates his successes with the National Socialist Party through its earliest days.

Now, I’m hardly one to buy into Nazi propaganda, and it’s clear to most human beings with a conscience that Hitler was not the nicest guy in the world; however, aside from his incredibly fascist attitude towards the Jewish peoples, and his hunger for an Aryan race, I found another side to one of the most hated men in history.

When learning about Adolf Hitler in history classes, most tutors will be eager to jump on the bandwagon of labelling Hitler as a complete villain. Yet, what we are never told in modern history is how humanitarian the Führer really was; granted, only to those of German descent, but he did have a softer side. He truly wanted the German people to be independent, strong, and looked after by a socialist government.


Although Mein Kampf is a long and arduous book, it certainly is worth the read. For anyone who is interested in learning the true facts of history then it is worth seeing what was truly going on inside Hitler’s mind before the outbreak of World War II.

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