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So the good old folks over at POPSUGAR have created a reading challenge for those who have made it their goal to read more during 2015!

This challenge is ideal for anyone who has been wishing to read more over the last few years and made excuse after excuse to the reasons not to. I’m a prime candidate for finding any reason to sit on my backside and play video games rather than fill my brainbox with wonderful words and knowledge, so I’m taking up the task.

If you’re looking to expand your reading mind then this challenge includes everything. From plays, to non-fiction, to your mother’s favourite book!

I’m incredibly excited to get involved with this and I will be posting up my progress and uploading reviews of every book that I read for each category. I will also be adding to the volume of excited book-heads across social media with that hashtag:


Now, I am aware that this challenge may at first look daunting due to the high volume of categories listed, BUT, if you feel like you’d struggle to read one book for every item described, then why not use one book across multiple categories? For example, Harry Potter can come under a multitude of points: ‘A book with more than 500 pages’, ‘A book that became a movie’, ‘A book by a female author’, ‘A book from your childhood’; the list goes on!

Here’s the full list (or click here for the printable version):



I already know a handful of people personally who have taken up the challenge. Why don’t you?! (And if you do, keep in touch and keep me posted on your progress, I’d love to hear from you J )

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23 year old copy-editor based in Lincoln, UK. Dan is a blogger, father, writer and hedonist with a passion for the existential.

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